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In the Glenmuir collection there are many beautiful designs in high quality real and merino wool, cashmere, cotton.

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    gm-poloA wide range of shirts, with the most classic and ever so popular, hard collar polo “Lowther”, mercerized shirts, technical, cotton pique etc – plain or with stylish designs.

    gm-jerseyThe collection has many beautiful designs, where you can feel the authentic lamb and merino wool, cashmere, cotton, etc. All made in high quality to withstand machine washing.

    gm-abajoGlenmuir offers a wide selection of pants, shorts, skirts, pirates etc. A wide choice to dress up any player from the top to bottom.

    gm-tecnicaWe provide a complete collection of windproof and waterproof garments with high quality fabrics and the best technology for any adverse weather.
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Heritage of crafting

Glenmuir have launched a film which showcases the journey of a Glenmuir golf sweater being made in Scotland. The three minute film allows viewers to witness the expertise of Glenmuir’s traditional craftsmen in Scotland creating the true luxury of a Glenmuir golf sweater.

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